Dr. Wirtschafter, Boca Raton:

“I have had long-standing knee pain from wear and tear. I had surgery on one knee and I injured my other knee training for a marathon. Other treatments I’ve tried are physical therapy, lots of NSAIDs and changing my activities. I have known Dr. Hirsh since 2003 and heard people talking about PRP, so I asked Dr. Hirsh for more details. I had three PRP treatments for each knee. Today, I’m doing things that I haven’t been able to do in years. I’m in the process of going to a Navy Seal training camp in San Diego and running 5 miles while wearing a 20-pound pack.”


Other rheumatology offices I visited didn’t care about the patients. Everyone is so pleasant and there is an excellent nursing staff.


I was one of Dr. Hirsh’s first patients to experience guided ultrasound injections, which has greatly increased my mobility.


Dr. Hirsh is a fantastic doctor!


Dr. Hirsh is so knowledgeable with medication, and I respect him so much because everything that comes out of his mouth is so accurate and on point,

Miriam, Delray Beach:

"I want to express my profound gratitude to you and your staff for the professionalism, competence, courtesy and caring shown to me."

Florence, Boynton Beach:

“Dr. Hirsh, you have my everlasting gratitude. I've been your patient for quite a while now, and you've always made me comfortable when I needed you. But this.......PRP magnificent.”

Karen, Boca Raton:

“You take the time to explain things properly, what to expect and answering any questions I had to make things clear. The office staff and nurses were very kind and efficient.”

Anonymous, Boca Raton:

“You helped both my husband's knee pain and my shoulder pain. Thank you!”

David, Boynton Beach:

“I am very pleased to report that Supartz has eliminated my knee pain thus far and the Hyalgan (in my wrists) has kicked in, making it tolerable for me to grip my bike handlebars again.”

Laura, Boynton Beach:

“Oh my gosh, if I hadn't done PRP, I would still be in constant pain. It was worth every bit of it. It was a totally positive experience, and I've been telling everyone about PRP and Dr. Hirsh.”

Marsha, Boynton Beach:

“Thank you for being such a kind and caring doctor, you really are terrific. You have a wonderful office staff as well.”

Terry, Boynton Beach:

“Just wanted to say a great big ‘Thanks’ for the terrific care! IT is greatly appreciated.”

Patrick, Boynton Beach:

“Dr. Hirsh saved my life; he's the best. I'm walking around and doing stuff around my house that I haven't done in over a year. My wife says it's a million times better. This was a very positive experience. Things like this usually don't happen so I'm really happy, and I'm looking forward to doing it again in 6 months to see if it can help more. I've already recommended PRP to a couple of people I know.”


Patient Waiting Room Feedback 


“Coming to this office is not only convenient but pleasant. Staff is very pleasant and efficient. Dr. Raheem is very pleasant and efficient, as well. Thank goodness we were referred by Dr. Britton.” – Charles

“Only my second time, but quick to help me with my problems.” -Marian


“Great provider, nurses are very polite, comfortable office, and he is very understanding and caring.” – Ellen

“I am really grateful for the treatment I received at The Hirsh Center by Evan and the several nurses – even taking blood didn’t hurt. I received a cortisone shot in my sore arm and it is beginning to hurt less already – that is minutes after the injection. I also am getting prepared for a less expensive bone strengthening medication. How nice!” - Barbara

Dr. Hirsh

“Dr. Hirsh is a lifesaver. He has helped me with my arthritis by managing the severe pain I had. I am able to now get around easier and my hands are now able to do almost everything I used to do. I recommend Dr. Hirsh and his staff to everyone and all are happy with their results, as well. Dr. Hirsh and The Hirsh Center are fabulous. The Hirsh Center has saved my life.” – Susan

“Dr. Hirsh is extremely knowledgeable in the use of ultrasound and effective injections to relieve pain and making walking enjoyable. My wife and I have used him for many years with excellent results. I would highly recommend him or other members of his group.” – Monroe

“This is one of the most professional and caring group of physicians, PAs, nurses, and staff. My care has always been beyond excellent and everyone is exceptionally kind!” -Marilyn

“I have been under the care of Dr. Hirsh and Evan for several years and I am so pleased with their treatment of me. I have had so many less flare ups. Thanks!” – Frances

“Dr. Hirsh has cared for me and controlled my pain for almost 9 years. He always hears and responds to my pain symptoms. I feel I can count on him! Patients must be prepared to accept long wait times. Can be very frustrating, but he never rushes when he is with me.” – Regina

“There is no one person to name. All the help is always very kind and respectful. Who like to have to go to the doctor’s office? Well if it’s Dr. Hirsh’s then I am okay going there.” – Lori

“The help is wonderful and the doctors are great. The best run office I have gone to.” – Beverly

“The last time I wrote a review for Dr. Hirsh, he had just saved my life by sending me for a doppler which showed I had a blood clot. Well history repeats itself. Dr. Hirsh saved my life again. This time the blood clot ended up in my lung. I can’t say enough about him or the whole staff in this office. Just wonderful!” – Judith

“I love coming to this office – staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. This is the best run office I’ve been to in Florida. Even better than New Jersey.” – Michi

“The simply best offices of the most qualified doctors, nurses, and all other nursing staff members. The office décor is extremely well done. The atmosphere within the offices make it more desirable to be in.” -Myra and Mark

“Have recommended Dr. Hirsh for the Nobel Prize every year. The care, compassion, and expertise given to every patient is incredible. This care is given by all staff – Evan, Becky, etc.” -F. Forman

“In the 12 years I have been a patient, my care has been excellent. Not only that, the kindness and understanding of a patient’s feelings is always wonderful. I’m thankful to both of them (Dr. Hirsh and Evan) for keeping me going!” – Elaine

“I have known Dr. Hirsh for 15 years. The care he gave to both my husband and I was and still is beyond exemplary. Dr. Hirsh and all of his staff go the extra mile to make sure that you are well cared for. The bedside manner and how he pays close attention to his patients’ concerns is just extraordinary. He listens and will discuss all possible medical treatments. He is decisive in his judgement and will not do anything that is unnecessary. He has earned in every sense of the word “DOCTOR.” That goes for all the doctors that work with him.” – Patricia

“Wonderful, caring and has empathy for me. I never recommend a doctor, but I always recommend Dr. Hirsh.” – Alice

“Compassionate, courteous, competent, and above all one great practice.” – Joan

“Has the patient at heart. Very warm.” – Shirley

“For many years, I was seeing different doctors for my unsightly finger and toe nails with no success. Finally, in 2009, Dr. Hirsh was referred by my dermatologist. Once Dr. Hirsh saw my condition, he diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis and prescribed Humira. Under careful follow up with blood work, courteous and professional staff and office, I have perfect results and am doing excellent in life. I owe it all to the doc. I have even had a successful PRP on a shoulder and able to recover 100% from a torn muscle.” – Abraham

“I have been very blessed with my progress. Thanks to Dr. Hirsh. You have a very nice staff as well.” – Barbara

“I have had the good fortune of working with Dr. Hirsh and staff to ease my pain in my feet and hips. He is a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who uses all the new techniques to alleviate my pain. I think Dr. Hirsh and staff are wonderful! I feel lucky to have found them.” -Paula

“I was in severe pain and spasms in my thigh. I couldn’t drive a car. I had pain in my back, hip, my right knee, I was limping. The injections and PRP helped a lot, then I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis instead of osteoarthritis. Now on correct meds I am walking much better and I don’t need the care of walkers. I even am getting up stairs much easier. I thought before I went to the Hirsh Center I would be going to an assisted living. No way! I feel great again and normal.” -Shelby

“The very best! Never before have I felt a doctor care for me.”- Elaine

“Dr. Hirsh is extremely caring and knowledgeable. I have seen him for years and I have severe fibromyalgia with pain in many areas of my body. He knows how to relieve the pain and uses an ultrasound machine to find the exact spots that need help. His staff is remarkable. They are so kind and caring. They always follow through should I have to call in and are so fast at getting prescription refills, physical therapy scripts, or anything I need. I need you to use this office- The Hirsh Center.” – Faye

“We have been patients of Dr. Hirsh for the past 20 years. The first time we came to the office he diagnosed my husband’s problem and after months of suffering, he walked out of the office pain free. Since then, as we aged, new symptoms arose and each time Dr. Hirsh’s diagnosis and treatment were spot on. The staff is cheerful, knowledgeable and courteous and helps make our visits pleasant. We consider Dr. Hirsh not only our doctor, but our friend.” – Marilyn and Morton

Dr. Galvez

“Dr. Galvez possesses all of the positive attributes that one seeks in a physician. He is caring, personable, and most importantly, highly competent. My wife and I have referred many friends to Dr. Galvez, they all share our opinion. As an added bonus, the entire office staff is quite efficient, accommodating, and personable.” – Ron and Maxine

“Great office – Everyone is on time and considerate- Best doctor’s office I go to and I go to quite a few!” – Alice

“A very caring doctor, really cares for his patients.” – Joseph

“The physicians in this office are always available to help you and so is the staff, who is always patient and cheerful. Of course, I would prefer to be in excellent health and not need care, but it is wonderful to have a physician who is always willing to advise me in the course of my care. It is a pleasure for me to recommend this office to others.” – Patricia

“Excellent care. Always takes care of pain and makes me feel much better.” – Lynda

“Wonderful facility. Doctors are caring and informative. The staff is efficient and easy to deal with. Best of all, I’ve never had to wait.” – Susan

Dr. Singh

“Dr. Singh is so professional and outstanding like everyone in this office! She works with me and has not given up on me! She has given me such outstanding help and we are trying everything. I finally feel better thanks to Dr. Singh and Dr. Sarno’s book: Healing Back Pain, The Mind Body Connection. Sandi is fantastic, too!” – Virginia

“Dr. Singh – Excellent in every way, somehow is always correct. She instills confidence in patients. She has brought me a long way since October 2016. I recommend her to anyone.” – Bruce

“Feel great after shot. Pain is greatly relieved. Thank you!” – Phyllis

“I think this office is lovely.” – Thelma

“Under Dr. Singh’s care I have gone from feeling horrible and in severe discomfort to feeling great and hopeful again. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and professional. She takes her time with answers to my multitude of questions which I greatly appreciate. I would highly recommend her as a rheumatologist to anyone in need.” – Nancy

“Dr. Singh is caring, thorough, and very competent. She has brought me through some very rough spots.” – Bruce

“Doctor far exceeded my expectations. Easy to discuss concerns with, easy to understand her explanation of condition as she sees it. She has nice demeanor and welcomes questions for which she patiently educates you.” - Susan

Entire Office

“They are the best doctors and PA. I thank God always for all of them. Would never go anywhere else. The office staff is great. I feel like the luckiest woman to have The Hirsh Center when needed. I say a prayer for everyone every day.” – Sheila